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Truckers Occupational Accident Insurance



Non-Trucking Liability and Physical Damage Insurance
for Owner/Operators

Non-Trucking Liability Coverage

Non-Trucking Liability, or NTL, is insurance coverage for when you use your truck for non-business purposes. NTL offers you liability coverage for property damage or bodily injury to a third party. Any personal use between your return and next dispatch points will be covered under NTL. NTL is in most cases, required by the motor carrier with whom the owner/operator has signed a lease agreement. This insurance fills a potential gap for non-business use of the equipment, and helps to protect the motor carriers primary liability policy. Non-trucking is not the same as bobtail insurance, so please verify with your motor carrier which coverage they require; in almost all cases, the requirement will be NTL.

Physical Damage Coverage

This insurance is coverage for your truck and trailer. Physical Damage covers loss or damage to an insured vehicle from things such as collision, fire, theft or vandalism on an actual cash value basis.


To be eligible for Non-Trucking Liability and Physical Damage quotes, a motor carrier must have 10 or more owner/operators leased on to them.

To request quotes please contact:

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