Personalized service and a commitment to providing our customers the best fit for their insurance needs are what separates PALLAY INSURANCE AGENCY from the competition.  We hope to provide you with our level of unparalled service as well, but don't just take our word for it.  Listen to what our customers have to say...

"I want to thank Mr. Scott Pallay for all the help he has given me in acquiring affordable health insurance. I am self-employed, thus all the costs of health insurance falls on me to take care of, therefore it is imperetive that I get the best insurance available at an affordable price."

Corene Hines
7-11 Antiques and Collectibles
Clarksville, Texas

"Personalized Service and Experience makes me feel confident about my health insurance program.  Scott Pallay is always available to answer my questions and concerns.  It's a pleasure doing business with him."

Michael R. Mead, CPCU, President
M. R. Mead & Company, LLC
Chicago, IL

"You were quite patient with us during our unique situation this summer.  We thank you for your assistance in placing our new group health insurance policy."

C. R. & T. R.
Technology Transfer
Altona, IL

"When I couldn't afford to add my children and myself to my husband's insurance at his new job, Scott and Ross helped me find a plan that was better for my children and myself for half the cost of most other plans I had looked into.  They were helpful and there to answer any questions I had regarding my policy whenever I called.  They understood my needs and met them completely; taking the time to explain the things I did not understand in terms that I could relate to.  I recommend their firm to anyone looking for a private insurance policy whatever their needs may be.  Thanks."

Brittany M. Bosse
M.O.M. Team Marketing Executive

"When I sold my business, I had to obtain individual medical insurance coverage.  Because of past history, this proved to be difficult.  After being turned down by more than one company, I began working with Scott Pallay.  He was very familiar with the underwriting requirements of many companies and suggested a program that would suit my needs.  I obtained the insurance required.  Initially, there were several problems with billing, which Scott handled for me -- promptly and professionally.  I would highly recommend him because of his superior knowledge of insurance products, willingness to interface with the insurance companies on all problems, and excellent follow-through service after the policy is obtained."

Trish Lynch

"Scott helped my family and I with setting up different policies for each of us. He was the first agent to show me the advantages of "splitting" my family into separate plans, and how a Medical Savings Account could really benefit the self-employed. I most definitely would recommend Scott Pallay to anyone interested in getting the best possible health insurance program available."

Roger A. Sturgell
Star of Texas Realty

"I would like to thank you for your continued quality service over the years.  As you know, our company has counted on you for many reasons. You've provided us with cost-effective:

  • E&O insurance
  • General Liability insurance
  • Group Health insurance for our small business

Most importantly, you took the time to answer all of my many questions.  As you know, this entire process was very new to me.

You will continue to get our business".

Best Regards,
Tom Miller, Vice President
Channel Fore Productions
Wheeling, IL

"I have been with Pallay Insurance Agency for almost 2 years.  My agent Scott Pallay was very helpful in providing me with different Health Insurance Polices to choose from.  He is easy to contact and always returns my calls promptly.  I highly recommend Pallay Insurance Agency and Scott Pallay for all your Health Insurance needs."

Bonnie L
Morrisonville, Illinois

"I can remember when you could make a phone call to a company and talk to a real person without spending a lot of time and effort doing so. That was a pleasant memory from the past. Nowadays, you sit and listen to option after option until you are lucky enough to have your call redirected to "the next available customer service representative" and then continue to wait some more.

This to me, is one of the most frustrating things that one can experience especially when you realize that you are paying that company you are calling to provide a service for you. This is not the case with Pallay Insurance Agency.

One call or e-mail to them gets you an immediate response to your question with the course of action they will take. If they are not capable of providing you with a reply right away, they will let you know when they will respond, and follow-up until your query has been resolved. I feel very comfortable with the knowledge and communication that Pallay, Janich & Pryor supply to me in all my insurance needs, and would recommend them to anybody whom would enjoy personal service again."

C. Poehler
Chicago, Illinois

"My cobra health insurance was running out…I needed help to find medical coverage that would fit my medical as well as financial circumstances.  Fortunately, a friend suggested I call Scott Pallay.

Scott Pallay not only listened carefully, provided pertinent information within a few days, but personally followed the application process and when bumps came in the road, he was there to fix the bumps.

Scott works with each one on a personal basis…responds to e-mails or faxes and even answers his own telephone.  How seldom do we have the fortunate circumstance of being able to work with a professional and find that person available immediately?!!!

After obtaining insurance when I need help with a claim or have another problem, the first contact is Scott Pallay not the insurance company.    Usually he is able to resolve the problem shortly which makes my work with an insurance company easier and far more pleasant.  You can really work with Scott Pallay.  He provides the opportunity to develop a positive and professional relationship.

I am indeed glad that I was put in touch with Scott Pallay and continue to recommend his services to my friends when they are experiencing health insurance problems."

Mary Lee Di Spirito
Annandale, Virginia

"I have been a client of Scott's for the past several years. Scott has been very proactive in seeking the most competitive rates for my family & myself for our health insurence on an ongoing basis. In addition, Scott is always very helpful in getting my billing issues for services resolved quickly by utilizing his contacts at the insurance firms. I would recommend Scott highly due to his diligence & follow up."

Jon C.
Bolingbrook, IL


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